Pastability is about our Passion for food and Pasta. Our aim is to create an environment where our customers are able to access all high quality products, freshly made and either eat in our or take the banquet home and enjoy it with the loved ones. Also we aim to involve the community in innovating and fresh ideas to interact in the creation, preparation and development of our recepies and ideas.


We have created a shop where few categories are underlined, first we will offer the normal Delicatessen type products such as an array of cheeses from around the world, British and continental sliced meats, olives and homemade pates. Alongside this will be freshly made ready meals including British, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese for customers to take home and reheat. In addition to this will be a rotisserie oven offering roast chickens and other joints of meat, which again will be for customers to take home along with a fine selection of wines, beers and spirits.


Secondly, is what we have called the Pastificio translated is, a place where Fresh Pasta is made
Here we will make all types of Fresh Pasta (filled and unfilled), Chinese & Japanese Noodles, all this will be produced fresh daily in the shop for customers to view and purchase.


Thirdly is the Gelateria, translated, a place where Fresh Artisan Ice Cream is made,
Here we will make real Italian dairy Ice Cream in which we will offer 14 different flavours including suitable for vegetarian and vegan, along with milkshakes and ice cream cakes.
This will also be made in full view of our customers.


Also we will serve early breakfast with fine and fresh ideas to eat in or take to work and a range of high quality and fresh innovative ideas for the general public. All very affordable and with the best quality devoting our passion to our customers.


We believe Newark has nothing like this at all or Nottinghamshire for that matter. We are creating a place where the customers will find luxury ideas at a very reasonable price in a very high standard and appealing to the eye.