Pastability is a small team with a lot of experience and passion for food. Here is a little bit of our backgrounds as to how we channelled our love for food through Pastability…….to you.

Francesco Concilio
Owner & Manager

Franco started his career as a chef, after a period of time he decided to go it alone, opening his first venture in Ruddington in 1988 in a little side street, from there he opened a small manufacturing unit in Loughborough, where he was manufacturing pasta & noodles for ready meal manufactures that made their way to places like Tesco, Asda and many independent readymeal companies. Initially Franco went to his parent's hometown of Salerno in southern Italy, where his life and passion for making pasta began, he decided to give up his job as a chef and drove down to Salerno and started working in a small pasta factory for six months without pay. After this time, he felt confident enough to come back to Nottingham where the pasta story started and where you can come and share his passion at our new Delicatessen in Newark On Trent: Pastability.

Xavier Vazquez
Owner & Manager

Xavier started his career producing and cooking pasta in a London manufacturer at the age of 20. After six years of managing the ins and outs of this retail manufacturer, specialised in filled and unfilled fresh pasta, supplying mainly Waitrose and few other main retailers, he met Franco and worked with him developing and producing the most exquisite recepies of fresh filled pasta. A very good and professional working and personal relationship started. Xavier venture scaled up when he travelled to Spain to open his own business. After several years running a very successful family business he left the business to his family and travel back to England to join Franco in his Pasta business in Nottingham, to continue his passion for making pasta. Joined together again Franco and Xavier started a fresh and healthy business: Pastability ltd, where everybody can share their passion and taste a little something of our fresh, exquisite and innovative ideas, products and dishes and what Pastability is really about: Passion for food.